Chapter Grants

Chapter Grants

Chapter grants up to $1,000 are available to help chapters provide interesting mathematical experiences for their members, others at their school, and their local community. No chapter will be granted more than $1,000 over time, but a chapter may apply more than once if they have not reached their $1,000 limit. Grants will be competitive and not all grant requests may be funded. Grant funds can be used to pay invoices or reimburse receipts after the event. Travel can only be paid after it has occurred.

Grant money is not specifically intended to send students to state, regional, or national math competitions, but such expenses will be considered. Funding will not be granted for Mu Alpha Theta competitions or state Mu Alpha Theta-sponsored competitions.

Grant determinations will be made every Friday and awardees will be notified via email. 

Click here to download the chapter grant application.

Chapter grants can be used to support:

Visiting Lecturer Program: Invite a mathematician or scientist to make a presentation to your chapter. Funds may be used to reimburse travel expenses or to provide an honorarium.

One-Day Road Trip: Plan a visit to a university, college, or an industrial organization that includes a research and development unit, or even a government laboratory. The trip agenda must have a “mathematics component": a presentation involving science or engineering research, development, or careers involving mathematics. Funds may be used for transportation, substitute costs, and meals.

Applied Mathematics Day: Organize an applied mathematics day for your Mu Alpha Theta chapter or for schools in your region or state. Invite industrial research and development personnel to talk about applied mathematics/computational science careers and to give a high school-level overview of a project having a mathematics component. Invite university researchers to talk about mathematical research projects. Funds may be used for travel reimbursements for participants, speakers, meals, and organizational expenses.

Teacher and Sponsor Workshop: Organize a local or regional workshop for Mu Alpha Theta sponsors and other teachers on mathematical modeling and how to incorporate activities into your classroom. Presenters could come from local high schools, two-year colleges, universities, or could be industry personnel. The presentations could focus on insight, best techniques, and success stories in building mathematical modeling activities for high school projects. Funding could be provided for travel expenses for workshop participants, meals, or organizational expenses.

Host a Math Competition: For your school, other high schools, middle schools, or elementary schools in your area. Funds could be used to purchase awards, pay for testing, meals, etc. 

Host a Math Fun Night or Pi Day Activities: For your school, other high schools, middle schools, or elementary schools in your area. Funds could be used to purchase materials, pay for custodial help, pay for meals, etc. 

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