How to Reactivate

Instructions for Reactivating Your MAT Chapter

  1. Select a member of your school's faculty to serve as the sponsor of the school chapter.
  2. Start a math club for your math students.
  3. Check the grades of your math club members to determine who is eligible to become a Mu Alpha Theta member. All students must meet our student eligibility requirements.
  4. You must register at least one new member when you reactivate.
  5. A reactivation fee of $15 and $10/member registration fee is required to reactivate your chapter. Once your chapter is reactivated, you will be able to register as many new members as you’d like year-round through our online ordering system.
  6. Type your reactivating members’ names (middle name is not required) and year of graduation in this Excel file and email it to the National Office at Please type “REACTIVATION” in the subject line.
  7. Checks may be mailed to: Mu Alpha Theta c/o University of Oklahoma 3200 Marshall Ave, Ste 190 Norman, OK 73019. Please write “Reactivation” in the memo line. Call the National Office at 405-325-0144 if you need to pay by credit card.
  8. We cannot reactivate your chapter until we receive your members’ names, updated contact form (we will email this form to you after we receive the email with your members’ names), and full payment.

When a school reactivates, each registered new member will receive a certificate of membership and a membership card. The school will receive a charter certificate suitable for framing.

** Per our shipping guidelines, chapters are allowed 4 free shipments per school year.**

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