To be considered for a summer math program/research grant, the Mu Alpha Theta member's chapter must have been active during the previous twelve months. (This means that the school would not have reactivated or chartered in the twelve months prior to the application.) Grants may be requested for up to $2,000 per each student who has been a member since at least the semester prior to the application. A member may apply more than once but will be awarded no more than $4,000 in total.

High school members may request grants through the summer after high school graduation. Two-year college students may request money through the summer after their graduation from their member college. Coursework taken using grant money may not be used for courses that are typically available at the high school or the student's home college, such as Calculus I, Calculus II, or Statistics. Grant money may be used to pay tuition or fees for a summer math program at or sponsored by an accredited school or university. Grants for tuition and fees will be sent directly to the institution offering the program. The member's service to and active participation in their Mu Alpha Theta club will be considered in the grant selection process.

Grant determinations will be made every Monday and awardees will be notified via email.  Grants may reimburse expenses for doing research in mathematics or applied mathematics, including but not limited to, housing, travel, publication fees, and supplies. Students receiving reimbursed expenses will be asked to provide receipts for items and will be required to submit a Form W-9. Receipts for reimbursed expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the event's completion. Travel can only be reimbursed after it has been completed. We prefer to pre-pay directly to the program for summer program registrations whenever possible. Please apply for a summer grant as soon as you're accepted to the program and at least two weeks before the registration fees are due. As a condition of this grant, grantees must submit a "grant reporting form" (form provided by Mu Alpha Theta to grantees) within 30 days of the conclusion of the event or the grantee will be responsible for reimbursing the grant funds back to Mu Alpha Theta. Click HERE to apply.

Previous summer grant awardees have attended such programs as: