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Resources for Women

  • Women's Technology Program at MIT
  • Scholarships for BIPOC Women
  • Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling Early On: How to Empower Girls in STEM (3Oct22)
  • Best Colleges Women in STEM/STEAM (15Nov22)
  • Women in the Video Game Industry (15Jul22)
  • Women in Engineering and Technology (13Sept22)
  • a-guide-for-women-in-stem-closing-the-gender-gap
  • Changing the Curve: Women in Computing
  • Computer Science and Engineering Resources for Women in STEM
  • Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM with Remote Work
  • Resources for Women in Computer Technology
  • Career and College Guide for Women in STEM
  • Guide for Women in Computer Science: History, Roles, and Resources


  • AMATYC's "How to Study to Learn" videos
  • Finding the Best Technology Scholarships (23Jan23)
  • Guide to College and Careers for Minorities in STEM
  • Computer Science Before College
  • Guide for students wishing to further an education in accounting
  • Thinking Mathematics
  • Megaconverter
  • Natural Math
  • Good Calculators
  • Mathematical Modeling Handbook by SIAM
  • Free practice tests
  • The Art of Problem Solving Website
  • Math Forum
  • Mathematical Circles Topics
  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
  • Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  • The Integrator
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics
  • AMATYC's Student Math League Competition
  • AMATYC's Student Research League